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Davis City Council Special Election

The Davis City Council has called a special election to fill the District 3 vacancy left by Lucas Frerichs who was sworn in as our Yolo County Supervisor in January 2023. Voters who are registered in the 2011 district boundaries will receive a mail-in ballot in early April for the May 2, 2023 all mail election. To register or check the status of your voter registration, please visit the Yolo County Elections Office or their website. The last day to register to be eligible to vote in this special election is April 17.

Who is Francesca Wright?

For her adult life, Francesca has been intrigued with wise governance which serves the common good. How do we as a community invest our resources for maximum benefit? How do we mobilize the creativity, critical thinking, and goodwill of those who live and work in Davis?


“Beyond the core competencies required of a municipal representative, what distinguishes Francesca Wright in the District 3 City Council race is the level and longevity of her commitment to social justice and ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ grassroots advocacy. As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Thong Hy Huynh tragedy in Davis, I trust in Francesca’s thoughtful, analytic, big-picture problem-solving abilities, and appreciate the courage she demonstrates in viewing public policy issues through an equity lens.”

Mariko Yamada, Former CA Assemblywoman
“Francesca will make an excellent leader of Davis, growing our community toward more environmental awareness and implementation, social justice awareness and implementation and developing our food sector as a part of economic development. I’m very pleased she is running.”
Ann Evans, Former Mayor City of Davis

 “At the heart of all of our decisions, our children’s future has to come first.

 Francesca Wright understands this.”

Michael Corbett, Former Mayor, City of Davis

‘Cesca is intelligent, dedicated and experienced. She has the chops to work on climate and housing issues. She’s the right candidate at the right time.”

Jesse Loren, Former Mayor, City of Winters

“As a local Black leader, I trust Francesca to represent me and many other local people of color to stand for issues that affect us the most and to get the job done.  I know she will listen and act on bringing much needed diversity, equity and inclusion to our city.”

Dzokerai Minya, Founder Tese Foundations

“I am so proud to endorse Francesca Wright for City Council. Her vast knowledge of local, state and federal government and policies and her capacity for seeing the reasonable, successful and workable resolutions to the issues facing communities today is remarkable and a gift to our local needs and functioning. Francesca Wright should be recognized as a strong, hard-working and singularly perceptive thinker who would well represent us all.”

Cynthia Rodriguez, Justice Advocate

“She’s a true progressive, and only progressives care more about others than themselves.”

Sherril Futrell, Davis United Methodists

Early on in her campaign, Francesca sought me out to get my feedback on housing. Having played a role in developing 507 units of affordable housing in Davis I was glad to share different possible options with Francesca .  She is a very good listener, thoughtful and better prepared to focus on affordable housing than many candidates I have met. Our Davis will benefit from her perpective and transparency. Please do the Wright thing and vote for Franscesca.

David J. Thompson, Affordable and Cooperative Housing Developer

“I’m excited to support Francesca Wright for Davis City Council in the upcoming May special election. Cesca is a passionate community builder with a strong moral compass. She is precisely the kind of leader we need in Davis!”

Juliette Beck, Climate Change Activist

“Over the years, I have known Francesca to be consistently passionate about the just treatment of all humans. Her advocacy for marginalized populations is noteworthy and admirable. I am proud to be supporting Francesca Wright for Davis City Council. She will represent the needs of our city and serve us well.”

Jeanie Hartranft, Owner, Finding Strengths

“Best Ever!”

Lee Bartholomew, Retired Real Estate Appraiser

“Francesca is a woman of deep integrity. I have known her for 40 years and seen her capacity to effect huge change. I support her wholeheartedly.”

Candace Blase, Art Therapist

“I appreciate Francesca’s exceptional capacity to help group members work through issues together. She makes all parties feel respected and valued. Her skill in discerning the core of someone else’s statement, and to relate it to others’ core concerns, favors better outcomes for all. In presence of her own strong values, grace, and humanity, we’re helped to find our better selves and better ways of working together.”

Susan Casement

“I have know Francesca for many years. I am impressed with the energy, creativity, knowledge, listening skills, and passion that she brings to a problem and then to use those skills to create solutions for our community and for individuals.”

Rhonda David

“I am endorsing Francesca because she isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues like the city budget, housing, homelessness, mental health, and helping our downtown businesses and other businesses stay open. We need someone like Francesca on our city council!”

Cecilia Escamilla Greenwald, Former Chair Police Accountability Commission & Human Relations Commissioner

“Francesca Wright is a listener, an independent thinker, and a proven leader. Working with Francesca in Yolo People Power allowed me to see – and learn – how to deal with a large group of passionate people with a wide variety of ideas and priorities. She kept things focused and got results even when there were many opportunities for losing focus and for division. She would talk to people – and listen – when others would not. She is not a member of the status quo or the established order. She is absolutely the best candidate to bring Davis back to being the innovation leader it once was. Francesca is the ‘Wright’ candidate for District 3!”

Larry Guenther

“Francesca will provide a needed balance on the Council. We need more questioning of consensus. And we need someone who has a lot of experience in community initiatives on behalf of the less empowered. It’s about more than new developments.”

Desmond Jolly, Former Planning Commissioner, Former Social Services Commissioner